We open a new center and Hyperbaric Treatment is now available in Ramos Mejía

July 21, 2021




Biobarica opened the doors of a new center in Ramos Mejía. The headquarters is located in Alsina 53, Ramos Mejía, Province of Buenos Aires, and joins the largest network of hyperbaric treatment centers in Argentina.

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment is a medical treatment that consists of supplying high concentrations of oxygen in a cabin or chamber pressurized at 1.45 atmospheres (ATM). Oxygen is absorbed through the lungs. Thus, it increases oxygen in all tissues of the body and blood.

Hyperbaric oxygenation is indicated in different pathologies related to pain, wounds, and rehabilitation. It has different beneficial effects to speed up and improve recovery processes.

Pain-related pathologies:

- Trauma
- Fibromyalgia
- Arthritis / Osteoarthritis
- Acute and chronic wounds
- Migraines

Complex wounds that can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen:

- Diabetic foot
- Ulcers
- Burns
- Bedsores

Frequent pathologies that require rehabilitation and benefit from hyperbaric treatment:

- Post-stroke
- Facial paralysis
- Cerebral palsy
- Parkinson's
- Autism
- Muscle, joint, and ligament injuries
- Fractures

Hyperbaric Treatment is always indicated by a doctor. The amount and duration of the sessions are defined by the professional according to the specific condition of each patient. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a medical evaluation. No referral from a specialist is required since Biobarica has specialists in Hyperbaric Medicine who indicate the treatment and accompany the patient during their evolution.

To request appointments or more information at Biobarica Ramos Mejía, call 1175 389 537.