Everything you need to know about sessions in a hyperbaric chamber

June 12, 2019


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A hyperbaric chamber is a medical device where the patient enters to a hyperbaric environment (1.4 ATM) breathing a high concentration of oxygen (O2) per mask and obtaining the benefits generated by hyperoxia.

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment (HBOT) increases the volume of dissolved oxygen in the blood plasma, which produces a great variety of benefits generated by hyperoxia: it increases oxygenation in all tissues, even those damaged; has anti-inflammatory effects from vasoconstriction; stimulates the cells that produce collagen; stimulates the immune response; increases blood flow, especially in poorly irrigated tissues; it has bactericidal and bacteriostatic action.

It also accelerates healing times in wounds; it produces angiogenesis, which is the stimulation of the formation of blood vessels; favors the detoxification of gases and toxins; accelerates the rehabilitation processes in injuries of ligaments, bones, joints or muscles; stimulates the differentiation of bone-forming cells, favoring osteogenesis and bone repair; decreases symptoms related to depression, anger, sadness or fatigue; regulates oxidative stress; educates muscle fatigue; increases energy at the cellular level.



They are indicated in blocks of 10-20 sessions at least, according to the pathology of each patient. Then a medical check is carried out.

Duration of the session

The duration of each session may vary. Currently, there is a consensus among specialists that they must last 60 to 90 minutes in Hyperbaric Chambers of less than 1.5 ATA with a frequency between 2 to 6 times per week. The average normal time is 60 minutes. In acute patients, sessions of 90 minutes up to 2 times per day are performed.

Intercycle periods

After the 40 sessions, a rest period of 7 to 10 days is recommended.



Numothorax not treated

Pulmonary bulla


Tympanic perforation

Oncological chemotherapy treatment 24 hours before or after the application


Special cares

Mild hypoglycemic

Slightly HTA

Congestion or catarrh

Pathology of VAS and COPD

The sessions in the Hyperbaric Chambers should be relaxing and pleasurable. You should enter with comfortable clothes, without shoes and with the elements that one considers appropriate to feel comfortable, such as pillows, blankets, music or books.

The return to normal values ​​of oxygen concentration in the blood is not immediate. A session in Hyperbaric Chamber does not act as a remedy. It has a certain average life, therefore, the more sessions, the better results. The duration and frequency of the sessions should be indicated by specialized professionals to obtain maximum efficiency in a treatment.