New center in Tandil

May 30, 2017




A new service center was opened in Tandil, Buenos Aires. It is located in Chacabuco 779, 3thrd floor and it will offer the benefits of hyperbaric medicine to the community.

Hyperbaric chamber treatment is a non-invasive method that consists of supplying air and oxygen under pressure in a pressurized cabin at 1.4 atmospheres (ATM). The normal ambient atmospheric pressure is 1 ATM. This type of therapy works under Henry’s theory, which says that gases are diluted in liquids when they are under pressure.

To have a clear idea of ​​how a hyperbaric chamber works, a bottle of aerated water can be observed. In the closed bottle and under pressure, there are no bubbles. In this condition, the water is at 1.1 atmospheres of pressure (ATM), obtaining by Henry’s law that the gas is diluted in the water under pressure. When you open the bottle, bubbles appear due to lack of pressure.

Hyperbaric medicine is safe and has many benefits, because the increase in dissolved oxygen in the blood plasma allows an increase in blood flow, increases control over infections and the recovery of numerous pathologies.

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