New Hyperbaric Medicine Unit in the Castellón Hospital

February 13, 2020


1m 42s


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is very beneficial for pain and speeds recovery

Unión de Mutuas has just installed, in its hospital center in Castellón, a Hyperbaric Medicine Unit. It is a non-invasive therapy, without side effects. Patients breathe high concentrations of oxygen in a pressurized hyperbaric chamber.

The treatment allows oxygen to be diluted in the blood plasma. This favors cellular metabolism and improves the regeneration of all tissues, achieving an important chain of benefits in the body, explains Dr. Feli Calduch, responsible for this new unit.

Dr. Calduch is a rehabilitation specialist, one of the areas in which this treatment is widely recognized. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is indicated for any trauma or injury of bone, ligament or joint origin. Oxygen helps deflate lesions, reduce pain, increase plasticity and facilitate the work of the physiotherapist during rehabilitation.

In addition, the rehabilitation specialist has pointed out the benefits of hyperbaric medicine in the field of health surveillance and occupational medicine since it is "a great ally in the treatment of occupational diseases".

The high level of oxygen in the blood -hyperoxia- prevents injuries by reducing tissue fatigue, favors the recovery and creation of new capillaries, favors the success of implantation of grafts, accelerates the closure and healing of wounds, decreases the post-surgical infections and increases muscle and bone regeneration.

All this "provides an improvement in the patient's quality of life, reduces recovery time and ensures therapeutic effects at a lower cost and without risks", said Dr. Calduch.

With the launch of the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Unión de Mutuas expands the provision of equipment with which it offers its associated group the most innovative therapies providing the best care, the closest and most personalized treatment, and guaranteeing a prompt and effective healing and recovery of health.

The hyperbaric unit joins the specialized medical units with which the mutual addresses the prevention, treatment and cure of the most prevalent diseases in the workplace, such as spinal problems, tendon and bone injuries and sleep and cardiorespiratory problems.

Unión de Mutua has a large healthcare network consisting of 31 centers and a hospital, the Trauma Institute, ITUM, which the mutual has in Castellón, specializing in orthopedic surgery and traumatology equipped with the most advanced technological means. It also has a joint hospital, the Intermutual Hospital of Levante, in Valencia.

All the centers offer a personalized service, of individualized assistance treatment where the proximity is the base of the relationship with the patients.